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Route 11 Potato Chips

A few years ago Route 11 fired up their first little cooker and started making chips in an old feedstore in northern Virginia. Their original quest was to pay tribute to the most popular snack food in the USA by just trying to make an excellent potato chip. Their recipe is simple: good potatoes, high quality oil, and unusually delicious seasonings. It’s amazing that something so simple can be so good!

Route 11 is still small potatoes but that’s how they like it. Their small size affords a chipper attention to detail, turning what is usually mass produced by machines into a fine art. Try ‘em…you’ll be back.

Everything we ship is freshly made. Shelf life of all potato chips: approximately 4-6 months. Shelf life of mixed vegetable chips: approximately 3 months. All bags code dated with expiration. We do not take back out-of-date product.

Keep chips no warmer than room temperature. Do not expose bags or containers to direct sunlight.


Available Products:
Potato Chips
Potato Chips:
Name Size
Lightly Salted 2oz. bag
Barbeque 2oz. bag
Dill Pickle 2oz. bag
Salt-N-Vinegar 2oz. bag
Sour Cream and Chive 2oz. bag
Chesapeake Crab 2oz. bag
Mama Zuma's Revenge - Habanero 2oz. bag
Route 11 Sweet Potato Chips* 1.5oz bag
Tabard Farm Yukon Golds - Seasonal 2oz. bag
Lightly Salted 6oz. bag
Barbeque 6oz. bag
Dill Pickle 6oz. bag
Salt-N-Vinegar 6oz. bag
Sour Cream and Chive 6oz. bag
Chesapeake Crab 6oz. bag
Route 11 Sweet Potato Chips* 5oz. bag
Tabard Farm Yukon Golds - Seasonal 5oz. bag
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Options Available:
Prices are FOB Mount Jackson, Va. via UPS or requested carrier.

All orders must be prepaid. VISA, Mastercard, American Express, and Discovery accepted. Terms available with credit approval. Virginia customers must include sales tax exemption form.

3 case minimum order.

See how the best potato chip in the world is made!

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