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Limited Edition

Limited Edition Gourmet Foods offers the unique taste of Honey Butter. All of our products have been made in the traditional homemade style since 1992. Using only the highest quality ingredients, our products are made with a great deal of pride and one jar at a time.

Limited Edition products are the perfect gift for the gourmet on your list. Their unique tastes add a special twist to oatmeal, pancakes, over toast or in your favorite muffin batter!

Seventeen fantastic flavors in 4, 9 and 16 ounce sizes. Gift packs too!


Available Products:
Honey Butters | Gift Boxes
Honey Butters:
Name Sizes Available
Pecan 4oz. / 9oz. / 16oz.
Cinnamon 4oz. / 9oz. / 16oz.
Peach Amaretto Pecan 4oz. / 9oz. / 16oz.
Apricot Orange Pecan 4oz. / 16oz.
Banana Nut 4oz. / 16oz.
Maple Nut 4oz. / 16oz.
Praline Pecan 4oz. / 9oz. / 16oz.
Apple Spice Pecan 4oz. / 16oz.
Cranberry Orange Pecan 4oz. / 16oz.
Pumpkin Pecan 4oz. / 16oz.
Blueberry Pecan 4oz. / 16oz.
Strawberry Pecan 4oz. / 16oz.
Raspberry Pecan 4oz. / 16oz.
Orange Pecan 4oz. / 16oz.
Toffee Pecan 4oz. / 16oz.
Amaretto Pecan 4oz. / 16oz.
Jalapeno Pecan 4oz. / 16oz.
Huckleberry Pecan 4oz. / 16oz.
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Gift Boxes:
Name Size
Assortment 1: Top Sellers
Peach Amaretto Pecan
Apricot Orange Pecan
4 - 4oz. jars
Assortment 2: Berry Pack
Strawberry Pecan
Blueberry Pecan
Raspberry Pecan
4 - 4oz. jars
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Options Available:
Private labeling programs available.
Shipping: UPS and UPS 100 Weight
Split Case Charge: $2.50 per case

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