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Gourmet Gardens

Barbara Bradshaw started Gourmet Gardens on a used 3-burner stove and personally selling her homemade products to roadside markets and gift shops around her home of Rusk, Texas. That was in 1991. Today, Mrs Bradshaw personally oversees the production of over 100 hand-packed products with a following of loyal customers from every state. This growth is true testament to the product quality and high level of customer service Gourmet Gardens has established as its hallmarks.

Whether you operate a small country store or a national mail order catalog, the service is the same. We treat you as part of our family. And while Mrs. Bradshaw's mission to provide the highest caliber of gourmet foods in the market has been met, she and company have not rested on their laurels. They keep adding to their line with creative additions, not to follow the trends but to set them!


Available Products:

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New Products:
Item # Name Size
1001 Farm House Pickles (Quart) (NEW)  
1062 Habanero Stuffed Olives (NEW)  
2040 Crushed Olive Spread (NEW) 16oz.
4011 Queso Blanco Dip (NEW) 16oz.
4041 Pickled Eggs (Quart) (NEW)  
4042 Spicy Pickled Eggs (Quart) (NEW)  
4101 Jalapeno Ketchup (NEW) 12oz.
4102 Black Pepper Ketchup (NEW) 12oz.
4103 Chipotle Ketchup (NEW) 12oz.
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Pickles & Vegetables:
Item # Name
1001 Farm House Pickles (Quart) (NEW)
1002 Habanero Pickle Chunks
1003 Country Fruit (Quart 32oz.)
1004 Dilled Pickles (Quart 32oz.)
1005 Pear Halves (Quart 32oz.)
1006 Peachy Peach Halves (Quart)
1007 Marinated Artichokes
1008 Hot Asparagus Bullets
1012 Pickled Asparagus
1016 Dilled Green Beans
1020 Pickled Beets
1022 Old World Cabbage
1023 Blushing Cauliflower
1024 Pickled Carrots
1025 Sweet Baby Corn
1027 Hot Spring Mix
1028 Garden Medley
1032 Dilled Garlic
1036 Habanero Garlic
1040 Spicy Pickled Garlic
1042 Candied Jalapenos
1043 Blue Cheese Stuffed Jalapenos
1044 Pickled Jalapenos
1045 Smokey Jalapenos
1046 Fire Roasted Mirasol Chiles
1048 Marinated Mushrooms
1601 Spicy Chipotle Olives
1602 Habanero Stuffed Olives (NEW)
1605 Meditteranean Mixed Olives
1607 Bleu Cheese Stuffed Olives
1609 Almond Stuffed Olives
1049 Garlic Stuffed Olives
1050 Jalapeno Stuffed Olives
1051 Pepperooms
1052 Pickled Okra
1056 Spiced Peaches
1064 Bread & Butter Pickles
1068 Squash Pickles
1069 Spicy Garlic Pickle Chips
1070 Sugar & Spice Pickle Chips
1071 Sweet Pickle Chips
1072 Sweet Fire
1076 Cherry Sweet Fire
1080 Pineapple Sweet Fire
1084 Green Tomato Pickles
1088 Watermelon Rind Pickles
4040 Pickled Quail Eggs
4041 Pickled Eggs (Quart) (NEW)
4042 Spicy Pickled Eggs (Quart) (NEW)
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Item # Name Size
2005 Chow Chow 16oz.
2007 Hot Chow Chow 16oz.
2010 Corn Relish 16oz.
2015 Sweet Onion Relish 16oz.
2020 Black-Eyed Pea Relish 16oz.
2025 German Sauerkraut 16oz.
2030 Sweet Fire Relish 16oz.
2035 Red Pepper Relish 16oz.
2040 Crushed Olive Spread (NEW) 16oz.
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Item # Name Size
3002 Mango Lime Salsa 16oz.
3005 Black Bean & Corn (Med.) 16oz.
3007 Five Amigos Pepper Salsa (Hot) 16oz.
3010 Habanero (Hot) 16oz.
3015 Peach Salsa (Med.) 16oz.
3020 Pepper Patch (Mild) 16oz.
3025 Salsa Grande (Very Hot) 16oz.
3030 Tomatillo (Mild) 16oz.
3035 Sweet Onion Peach Salsa (Med.) 16oz.
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Sauces & Dips:
Item # Name Size
4005 Black-Eyed Pea Dip 16oz.
4007 Queso Extreme 16oz.
4010 Loco Cheese Dip 16oz.
4011 Queso Blanco Dip (NEW) 16oz.
4015 Jalapeno Honey Mustard 16oz.
4020 Portobello Pasta Sauce 16oz.
4025 Roasted Garlic Pasta Sauce 16oz.
4027 Honey Habanero BBQ Sauce 16oz.
4030 BBQ Sauce 16oz.
4035 Sweet Onion Pasta Sauce 16oz.
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Cobblers in a Jar:
Item # Name Size
5005 Country Apple Cobbler 16oz.
5010 Country Blackberry Cobbler 16oz.
5015 Country Cherry Cobbler 16oz.
5020 Country Peach Cobbler 16oz.
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Fruit Preserves:
Item # Name Size
7005 Apple Preserves 16oz.
7010 Apricot Preserves 16oz.
7011 Apricot Pineapple Preserves 16oz.
7015 Blackberry Preserves 16oz.
7020 Blueberry Preserves 16oz.
7023 Classic Berry Trio 16oz.
7025 Cherry Preserves 16oz.
7030 Fig Preserves 16oz.
7035 Peach Preserves 16oz.
7037 Pear Preserves 16oz.
7040 Plum Preserves 16oz.
7045 Raspberry Preserves 16oz.
7050 Strawberry Preserves 16oz.
7052 Strawberry Fig Preserves 16oz.
7053 Strawberry Raspberry Preserves 16oz.
7055 Strawberry Rhubarb Preserves 16oz.
7057 Red Tomato Preserves 16oz.
7060 Whole Fig Preserves 16oz.
7606 Mayhaw Jelly (Seasonal) Pint
7403 Apricot Preserves (No Sugar Added) 16oz.
7405 Blackberry Preserves (No Sugar Added) 16oz.
7410 Blueberry Preserves (No Sugar Added) 16oz.
7411 Classic Berry Trio (No Sugar Added) 16oz.
7412 Cherry Preserves (No Sugar Added) 16oz.
7415 Fig Preserves (No Sugar Added) 16oz.
7417 Peach Preserves (No Sugar Added) 16oz.
7418 Raspberry Preserves (No Sugar Added) 16oz.
7420 Strawberry Preserves (No Sugar Added) 16oz.
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Fruit Butters:
Item # Name Size
8005 Apple Butter 16oz.
8010 Apple Butter (No Sugar Added) 16oz.
8012 Cherry Butter 16oz.
8014 Peach Butter 16oz.
8015 Pumpkin Butter 16oz.
8020 Sweet Potato Butter 16oz.
8025 Sweet Potato Pecan Butter 16oz.
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Gourmet Ketchups:
Item # Name Size
4101 Jalapeno Ketchup (NEW) 12oz.
4102 Black Pepper Ketchup (NEW) 12oz.
4103 Chipotle Ketchup (NEW) 12oz.
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Salad Dressings:
Item # Name Size
6005 Balsamic Vinaigrette 12oz.
6007 Chipotle Ranch Veggie Dip 12oz.
6010 Creamy Cucumber Dill 12oz.
6015 Creamy Sweet Onion 12oz.
6016 Premier Kalamata Greek 12oz.
6017 Oriental Ginger 12oz.
6020 Parmesan Peppercorn 12oz.
6022 Red Raspberry Vinaigrette 12oz.
6023 Sweet Apple Honey Mustard 12oz.
6025 Sweet Onion Ranch 12oz.
6030 Vine-Ripe Tomato 12oz.
6035 Creamy Zesty Italian 12oz.
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Sauces and Seasonings:
Item # Name Size
6305 Habanero Mango Wing Sauce 12oz.
6312 Brisket Slather 12oz.
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Steak Sauces:
Item # Name Size
6505 Ranch House Steak Sauce
6510 Merlot Steak Sauce 8oz.
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Hot Sauces:
Item # Name Size
6405 Breakfast Hot Sauce 10oz.
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Fancy Fruit Preserves and Jellies:
Item # Name Size
7605 Mayhaw Jelly (Seasonal) 8oz.
7610 Blue Blaze (Blueberry Jalapeno) Preserves 8oz.
7612 Green Pepper Jelly (Hot) 8oz.
7615 Red Flame (Strawberry Jalapeno) Preserves 8oz.
7617 Red Pepper Jelly (Extra Hot) 8oz.
7620 Sunburst (Peach Jalapeno) Preserves 8oz.
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Item # Name Size
9005 Apple Cinnamon Syrup 8oz.
9010 Black Walnut Syrup 8oz.
9015 Blackberry Syrup 8oz.
9020 Peach Syrup 8oz.
9025 Toasted Pecan Syrup 8oz.
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