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Classy Delites

Classy Delites was founded in 1994 in Austin, Texas. Their dream is to share our enthusiasm for great food. They use only the finest ingredients, such as unique Artisan spices. This creates a flavorful, all-natural product. At Classy Delites, they have developed high quality gourmet chips and dips for your family and friends to enjoy. By using their process called "All Natural Love," they have created the freshest, most delicious snacks with the utmost care. You will want to tell everyone about them! So eat smart, eat healthy, and eat C.D.’s down to the last bite!


Available Products:
Dips, Salsas and Sauces | Chips | Gift Bags
Dips, Salsas and Sauces:
UPC Item # Product Name Size
793613 20002 7 Balsamic Black Bean Dip 12oz
793613 21000 2 Cranberry Pecan Salsa 12oz
793613 21002 6 Spinach Artichoke Dip 12oz
793613 23000 0 Portobello Mushroom Sauce 12oz
793613 24000 7 Pistachio & Roasted Pepper Dip 12oz
793613 25000 8 Chunky Pineapple Salsa 12oz
793613 26000 7 Mango Salsa 12oz
793613 27000 6 Queso Completo 12oz
793613 28000 5 Aztec Salsa (Roasted Corn & Black Bean) 12oz
793613 28002 NEW Italian White Bean Dip 12oz
793613 29000 4 Marvelous Meditteranean Medley 12oz
793613 30000 0 Spinach Avocado Dip 12oz
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UPC Item # Product Name Size
793613 21000 2 Tweeds Tortilla Chips, Flax & Sesame 10oz
793613 32000 8 Tweeds Tortilla Chips, Coconut & Flax 10oz
793613 33000 7 Tweeds Tortilla Chips, Chia & Chive 10oz
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Gift Bags:
UPC Item # Product Name Size
N/A Jute Gift Bag, 2 Dip 6 Bags
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Options Available:
$100 minimum opening order.
Reorder minimum 1 case.
Ground shipping charges will be added to the invoice.

Classy Delites Pict

Classy Delites Pict